Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cops conspiring to frame motorist for traffic accident.

This is the camera footage from a patrol car with audio of four Hollywood Police Officers conspiring to frame a motorist for causing a traffic accident involving a Hollywood Police officer. This incident occurred on February 16 2009. The video contains the audio portion of the officers conspiring to frame the motorist.

White cop beating 66 year old black man courtesy of the Melbourne Fl Police Department

Confrontation starts at 19:28. Officer Derek Middendorf of the Melbourne Florida Police Department attempted to disable his police cruiser camera before beating Albert Flowers a 66 year old man who suffers from dementia. Officer Derek Middendorf was only able to disable the audio recording on the camera. The command of the Melbourne Police force found that the use and level of force was justified. This is the entire unedited video. The beating and arrest occured on Oct 7 2011.

Suspects Chased, Crashed, and Struck by police cruiser.

Seminole County Sheriff's Office chase and arrest Jonathan Jimenez Rodriguez and Victor Jimenez Rodriguez in a dramatic crash.